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American Zionism

Obama and Israel: What Now? Obama and Israel: What Now?
Tuesday, November 16, 2010 by Benjamin Kerstein | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

Since the Obama administration's major defeat in the American midterm elections, commentators have been wondering how the new constellation of forces in Washington will affect the president's Middle East peace initiative.
America and the Jews: Different, or the Same? America and the Jews: Different, or the Same?
Wednesday, October 13, 2010 by Jack Wertheimer | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

In 2004, a commemorative medal marking the 350th anniversary of Jewish settlement in North America quoted, on one side, from George Washington's letter assuring the Jews of Newport, R.I. of their rightful place in the fledgling republic of the United States; the reverse side portrayed huddled masses of Jews yearning to breathe free; around the outer edge, in Hebrew and English, ran the biblical passage, "proclaim liberty throughout the land."
The J Street Scandal The J Street Scandal
Monday, October 11, 2010 by Benjamin Kerstein | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

The recent scandal involving the lobbying group J Street, a liberal organization founded in 2008 that bills itself as "pro-Israel and pro-peace," may seem to some like a tempest in a teapot. In fact it is very significant, especially to anyone concerned about Israel, its future, and its relationship to the United States.
A Tale of Two Lobbies A Tale of Two Lobbies
Wednesday, September 8, 2010 by Ruth R. Wisse | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

The problem of the Arab-Israel conflict begins with the term itself, which misrepresents the unilateral Arab war against Israel as a bilateral dispute. Unilateral aggression is not unheard of—when did Poland ever aggress against Germany or Russia?—but nothing in United Nations history compares in intensity or fixity with Arab belligerence toward Israel, a UN member state. 
Mainline Protestants and Israel Mainline Protestants and Israel
Thursday, July 29, 2010 by Elliot Jager | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

So enamored are today's mainline Protestant churches with the Palestinian Arab "narrative" that they seem to have altogether forgotten, or denied, their own prior history of support for Israel and Zionism. Indeed, some of them appear to be trying to derail the Zionist enterprise altogether.
Tuesday, March 23, 2010 by | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

Against a background of sharp disagreement between Washington and Jerusalem, the annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee winds down today. On Monday, the 7,500 delegates—Jews, Christians, African Americans, as well as European and Canadian activists—heard Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declare that the United States would tell Israel the "truth" when "difficult but necessary choices" had to be made. Today, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is scheduled to meet President Barack Obama. Delegates from all 50 states planned to spend Tuesday on Capitol Hill speaking with their respective Senators and Members of Congress. But what is AIPAC, and what...
Aliyah Aliyah
Wednesday, January 27, 2010 | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

Israel has a general immigration problem; it also has an aliyah problem, to use the tradition-honored term for the specifically Jewish act of "going up" to the Land. The two problems are not the same, though in many ways, as a conference this week underlined, they're related.  High-level economic opportunity of the kind that might attract large numbers of Western Jews doesn't exactly beckon. Meanwhile, the country's freedoms and porous borders make it an unregulated haven for hundreds of thousands of foreign non-Jewish laborers, legal and illegal, and declared asylum seekers from the world's trouble spots.  For early Zionist thinkers like...
Land That I Love Land That I Love
Wednesday, December 9, 2009 | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

For many American Jews, the approach of Hanukkah is a reminder of another miracle besides the one in Jerusalem two millennia ago: the miracle of their country, of the blessings it has showered on its Jewish citizens, and of its firm friendship with the state of Israel. Steven Windmueller of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion has written a crisp summary of the American Jewish experience and of the factors that have made it the exceptional phenomenon it is. Also just released are a handful of essays focusing on the economic life of American Jews, a subject that has...
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Editors' Picks
A Good Offense? Jonathan S. Tobin, Contentions. Robert Gates' resentment of Israel says far more about the self-defeating attitude of the Obama administration, wherein support for Israel is a "gift," than it does about Netanyahu.
Right of Reply Joseph J. Siev, Huffington Post. On the heated response of a prominent Reconstructionist rabbi to my article concerning the present condition of his movement.
Raising the Stakes on Jerusalem Jonathan S. Tobin, Contentions. Never until now has an American President made an issue of home-building in Jewish neighborhoods established in the immediate aftermath of the 1967 war and the city's reunification.
The Scandal of Particularity Seth Chalmer, First Things. Despite what some modern Jews think, particularism is not the enemy of universalism; quite the contrary.
What a Country! Noah Efron, Jewish Review of Books. After twenty-six years in Israel, one immigrant is blisteringly denounced before the Tel Aviv city council, and asks: "How did I ever get here?"
The Peoplehood Fallacy David Breakstone, eJewish Philanthropy. What the new communal emphasis on Jewish peoplehood misses: yes, Jews are a people—but only by virtue of their connectedness to the Jewish faith and to the land of Israel.
Not the Way Gerald Steinberg, Jason Edelstein, Haaretz. Recent Knesset legislation intended to combat Israel's de-legitimization will instead encourage it, while polarizing Israelis and Diaspora Jews alike.
Closing the Terror Gap Clifford D. May, Moment. What do the Second Amendment, the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, and support for Israel have in common?
Palin's Pals Benyamin Korn, JTA. In conservative "new media," an ethnically diverse and intellectually powerful vehicle for pro-American and pro-Israel voices, Jews have become increasingly prominent.
Jewish Democrats and Obama Jonathan S. Tobin, Contentions. In the 2012 election, a 20-percent swing away from the President in the Jewish vote could make a big difference in key states like Pennsylvania and Florida.