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Seder Songs Philologos 03/29/2010
Blessed Events Philologos 02/10/2011
As I Am Philologos 03/23/2011
When is Shavuot Celebrated, and Why? Philologos 06/06/2011
Take My Synagogue Philologos 10/31/2011
X-Rated Dispute in Knesset Philologos 02/27/2012
Rewriting Hatikvah as an Anthem for All Philologos 04/26/2012
Take My Synagogue Philologos 09/03/2010
Mappings Philologos 05/07/2010
Aryans of the World Unite? Philologos 05/27/2010
Ugaritic, Unriddled Philologos 07/16/2010
In Name Only? Philologos 08/20/2010
What's in a Name? Philologos 09/27/2010
The Devil Is in the Details Philologos 10/08/2010
Twos and Lids Philologos 11/26/2010
As I Am Philologos 02/22/2011
Frumspeak Philologos 02/25/2011
Varieties of Jewish Experience Philologos 04/01/2011
Is That a Bird on Your Head? Philologos 06/17/2011
Sitting Shiva for a Word Philologos 07/01/2011
Ties that Bind Philologos 07/08/2011
Dutch Treat Philologos 07/25/2011
Jerusalem: Syndrome or Artichoke? Philologos 08/16/2011
Nice and Not Nice Philologos 08/24/2011
Heavy of Tongue Philologos 09/12/2011
The Fast of Fasts Philologos 10/05/2011
Her Price is Far Above . . . . Philologos 10/10/2011
To Life, To Life . . . L'Chaim? Philologos 11/22/2011
Choose Your Poison Philologos 12/14/2011
X-Rated Dispute in Knesset Philologos 02/01/2012
Mincing Words Philologos 02/07/2012
Epicurious Philologos 03/02/2012
Secrets of the Patio Tomb Philologos 03/16/2012
National Anthem Philologos 03/29/2012
From Esperanza to Shprintze Philologos 04/24/2012
A Jewish Esperanto? Philologos 06/05/2012
Hanging in the Balance Philologos 06/21/2012
The Cognate Accusative: An Appreciation Philologos 06/27/2012
Interfaith Insults Philologos 07/16/2012
The Yiddish Quran Philologos 09/10/2012
Darkness on the Deep Philologos 10/10/2012
From Nebekh to Nebbish Philologos 01/21/2013
Redemption of the First Shorn Philologos 02/05/2013
Wandering Jew Philologos 03/11/2013
Could the Holy Ghost be Jewish? Philologos 05/20/2013

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