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Sh'lah L'kha: Send Yourself

Numbers 13:1–15:41

"Send men to scout the land"—and the mysterious word that's missing from that translation. (Click here for source sheet.)


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Robert Donaldson on May 30, 2013 at 12:00 pm (Reply)
Yahweh says to him, you know I do my best for you fellas but still you continue to be stiff knecked and unbelieving,
yet my hand is still upraised. He says this today to all who would believe in Him whom He sent,
however as scripture clearly says few find the way.
Today this word is blocked out more and more as the noise of the evil increases.
With the whole western world sucking a kumera that satan gives them.
Many are as ducks sitting on a pond during duck shooting season quaaacking loudly about how today but know nothing about their tomorrow.

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