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Does Jacob Hate Esau? Does Jacob Hate Esau?
Monday, October 29, 2012 by Jerome A. Chanes | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

Jews have traditionally kept non-Jews at arm’s length.  The rabbinic approach to anti-Semitism may be summarized as Halakhah hi b’yadu’a she-Eisav sonei et Yaakov, “It is an established normative principle that Esau hates Jacob.” 
Catholics, Jews, and Jewish Catholics Catholics, Jews, and Jewish Catholics
Monday, June 18, 2012 by Daniel Johnson | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

Jews and Catholics in the English-speaking world have so much in common that they ought to make common cause more often than they actually do. The friction between them that sometimes catches fire is, as often as not, based on mutual ignorance and mistrust.
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Praying for a Posek ha-Dor Nathan Lopes Cardozo, Jewish Ideas and Ideals. “To be a posek means to be a person of unprecedented courage. A person willing to initiate a spiritual storm which will shake up the whole of the Jewish community.”
Jewish-Born Catholic Theologians Alan Brill, Forward. While the revolution in the Vatican’s attitude to Jews, led by converts from Judaism, was by no means inevitable, the changes in Catholic doctrine are here to stay.
Pius the Pious? , Washington Post. Under pressure from the Vatican, Yad Vashem now presents Pope Pius XII’s silence during the Holocaust as an attempt to protect the Church—and, by extension, the Jews.