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Crossing Borders—Without Passports Crossing Borders—Without Passports
Wednesday, December 19, 2012 by Moshe Sokolow | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

“Crossing Borders,” a current exhibit at New York City’s Jewish Museum featuring works on loan from Oxford's Bodleian Library, displays medieval Jewish manuscripts embedded in their Christian and Muslim scribal milieus.
Editors' Picks
Criticizing the Biblical Critics James Kugel, Kavvanah. Modern biblical criticism, for all its sophistication, treats "only the literal meaning of the Bible’s words on the page, divorced from Judaism’s age-old traditions of interpretation." (Interview by Alan Brill)
On the Virtue of Belief without Practice Alan Brill, Book of Doctrines and Opinions. Herbert Loewe argued that it was better for lax Jews to believe one thing and do another than remake Jewish doctrine in their own image.