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Mohamed Morsi

Signs of the <i>Times</i> Signs of the Times
Thursday, February 7, 2013 by Alex Joffe | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

A new report by the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America is the latest in a long line to allege anti-Israel bias at the New York Times.  But the newspaper isn't about to change.   
The Muslim Brotherhood’s Patient Jihad The Muslim Brotherhood’s Patient Jihad
Wednesday, July 25, 2012 by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

Mohamed Morsi’s recent election as president of Egypt has proved a matter of concern.  A candidate from the radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, many fear that Morsi’s victory will threaten Egyptian-Israeli peace.
Editors' Picks
Iran and the Brotherhood Eric Trager, Washington Institute. Iran is becoming increasingly unpopular in the Arab world—except among Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood.
Anarchy in Sinai Zvi Mazel, Jerusalem Post. Despite the Egyptian army’s campaign to impose order in the Sinai peninsula, last week's missile attacks on Eilat demonstrate that the area remains "for all intents and purposes a war zone."
Meshaal, the Moderate? Alan Johnson, Prospect. Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal rejects peace with Israel, refusing to "relinquish an inch" of land.  But Egypt has guaranteed his re-election in the hope of avoiding war.
Morsi: Hamas' Best Friend? Benedetta Berti, Fathom. Mohamed Morsi is more hostile to Israel, and closer to Hamas, than Mubarak.  Still, the relationship between Egypt and Gaza is more complex than it seems.
Raised on Hatred Ayaan Hirsi Ali, New York Times. "As a child growing up in a Muslim family, I constantly heard my mother, other relatives and neighbors wish for the death of Jews, who were considered our darkest enemy." 
Morsi's Media Circus Richard Behar, Forbes. In a recent TV interview, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi branded Jews "descendants of apes and pigs."  Not one major American media outlet covered the story.
The Use and Misuse of American Influence Shoshana Bryen, Gatestone Institute. "It is a specifically American conceit that people in other countries and other societies want our social and governmental blueprint as well as our money, medicine, and weapons."
Bankrolling Our Enemies Walter Russell Mead, Via Meadia. Without U.S. foreign aid, Egypt would collapse.  But Morsi, like Mubarak before him, will use that prospect to ensure that there are no conditions on how he spends the money.
The Rise of Sinai’s Bedouin Nicolas Pelham, New York Review of Books. When attackers in the Sinai killed 16 Egyptian soldiers on Israel’s border, Egypt blamed Hamas.  But Israelis privately say the planners of the attack were Sinai’s resurgent Bedouin.
Hamas's Miscalculation Barak Mendelsohn, Foreign Affairs. Seeking to defuse internal pressure from Salafist groups, and emboldened by closer ties with Egypt, Hamas thought that it could attack Israel with impunity. But that was a grave miscalculation.