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Mitt Romney

The Jewish Vote, Once and Future The Jewish Vote, Once and Future
Tuesday, November 6, 2012 | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

This Election Day reminds us, yet again, of the paradox of the “Jewish vote” in American politics.  Here is a series of varied snapshots of the Jewish vote as it has looked to different writers for Jewish Ideas Daily over the past two years.
Is Judaism a Proselytizing Religion? Is Judaism a Proselytizing Religion?
Friday, October 19, 2012 by Shlomo M. Brody | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

When Mitt Romney became the Republican Presidential candidate, some of the media attention focused on his experience as a Mormon  missionary in France and asked, subtly or not so subtly, whether a member of a proselytizing religion could properly lead a pluralistic society.
The Jewish Vote, 2012 The Jewish Vote, 2012
Thursday, September 27, 2012 by Michael Barone | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

The Jewish vote, once pivotal in American politics, is still important, though not as much as it was seven decades ago.  Back in the 1940s, Jews cast four percent of the votes in America, twice the percentage they do today.  And they cast a much larger share in the state of New York. 
Do Jews Have a Mormon Problem? Do Jews Have a Mormon Problem?
Wednesday, February 22, 2012 by Elliot Jager | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

The religious values of presidents seldom satisfactorily explain their attitudes toward the Jews. Franklin Roosevelt's Episcopalian faith could not have foretold his hard-hearted policies during the Holocaust.  Harry Truman and Jimmy Carter, both Baptists, went in opposite directions.
Editors' Picks
Barack vs Bibi? Raphael Ahren, Times of Israel. In spite of Netanyahu's past battles with Obama, and his obvious preference for Mitt Romney, Israeli analysts are hopeful that the two leaders can work together.
So Long, Lieberman Joseph Lieberman, New York Times. In his exit interview, the retiring U.S. senator says he is"taking a sabbatical from elective partisan politics"—which might "go on for the rest of my life." (Interview by Mark Leibovich)
America’s Israeli Electorate Eetta Prince-Gibson, Tablet. A poll shows that 85 percent of American-Israelis went for Romney. But some—including Elliot Jager—ask whether they should vote at all.
Lessons from the Master Efraim Halevy, Foreign Policy. Mossad’s former Deputy Director says we should stop calling Iran an existential threat: “It is a terrible mistake to tell your enemy that it is in his power to destroy you." (Interview by Aaron David Miller)
Obama, Romney, and the Jews Ruth R. Wisse, Wall Street Journal. Voters will not necessarily have Israel in mind—but for those who do, the choice has never seemed clearer.
Roosevelt, Hoover, and the Jews Harry Stein, City Journal. While Roosevelt was resisting calls to admit child refugees from Germany (and badmouthing Jews in private), his predecessor was out campaigning on behalf of European Jewry.
Romney Reaches Out to Palestinians Joshua Mitnick, Christian Science Monitor. Candidate Mitt Romney now says he will re-start talks aimed at creating a Palestinian state.  Is this a flip-flop?  Or a promising opportunity?
The Case Against Netanyahu M.J. Rosenberg, Huffington Post. Those who don’t like President Obama’s policy toward Iran shouldn’t think a President Romney would behave much differently.
Romney, Run , Associated Press. Noting the U.S. and Israel’s “shared values,” the presidential candidate said that “it’s a deeply moving experience to be in Jerusalem”—gulp!—“the capital of Israel.” (Full video of speech here.)