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The Brain Death Wars The Brain Death Wars
Thursday, September 13, 2012 by Shlomo Zuckier | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

When does a human life end? A 2010 monograph by a rabbinic body, a recent book by an independent scholar, and a forthcoming book by another rabbinic organization are the most recent entries in what is among the most discussed halakhic debates of recent times.
Return to Fulda Return to Fulda
Tuesday, September 11, 2012 by Kenneth R. Weinstein | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

Once my son Harry’s bar mitzvah teacher told him he was ready to read Torah and Haftarah fluently anywhere in the world, Harry decided that after his bar mitzvah in Washington, D.C. he would have a second bar mitzvah in Fulda, Germany.
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Ten Years after the Hebrew University Bombing Michael Simon, Northwestern Hillel. “July 31, 2002—the 22nd of Av, 5762—was a cruel twist in the Jewish calendar. Instead of nahamu, the comfort we all needed, we had our own Tisha b’Av.”  (Addendum: “A Jewish narrative of pain and destruction is incomplete without an infusion of hope.”)