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International Law

Justice in a Gray World Justice in a Gray World
Monday, December 31, 2012 by Robert Nicholson | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

The Law In These Parts, a new documentary that places the blame for Palestinian woes on Israel's military lawyers, exhibits scant awareness of history—and limited knowledge of law.
Jews, Law, and Human Rights Jews, Law, and Human Rights
Thursday, December 27, 2012 by Michael Pinto-Duschinsky | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

International human rights institutions were created as a response to the Holocaust.  But, in recent years, they have been turned against Jews and Israel. [Part I of II]
Editors' Picks
Are the Settlements Illegal? Michael Curtis, American Thinker. The Geneva Convention provides no clear determination as to who has rights of sovereignty over the West Bank.
By the Book Yonah Jeremy Bob, Jerusalem Post. Recognizing the constraints of international law, it is now common practice for the IDF to ensure that its lawyers scrutinize almost every strike in Gaza before it is carried out.