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Franz Kafka

The Voice That Speaks in My Soul The Voice That Speaks in My Soul
Friday, March 8, 2013 by Susan Taubes | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

Echoing Kafka in this 1949 letter of protest to a domineering male, Susan Taubes writes: "I can no more keep to the laws of the Bible than I can cross myself or take the sacrament."
Editors' Picks
Kafka on Trial Susanne Klingenstein, Weekly Standard. Two new books show how, and how not, to approach the work of Franz Kafka, now that there is little original left to say.
Before Kafka Became Kafka-esque William Giraldi, New Republic. "Kafka's diaries are evidence that he was incapable of a quotidian thought; his letters are astonishing documents with an intellectual and stylistic register to rival Keats's."
Kafka’s Trial Matthew Kalman, Independent. The author wanted them burnt and for almost 90 years they have been kept under lock and key; but thanks to an Israeli court ruling, Franz Kafka's papers will soon be open to the public.
Borges, a Jew? Ilan Stavans, Jewish Review of Books. “In a typewriter in the hotel room where his body is found is a note: ‘The first letter of the Name has been written.’”