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The <i>Tish</i> and the Thanksgiving Table The Tish and the Thanksgiving Table
Wednesday, November 21, 2012 by Allan Nadler | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

In a scene in Avalon, Barry Levinson’s cinematic memoir of growing up in Baltimore with his Yiddish-speaking immigrant parents, Uncle Gabriel Krichinsky, brilliantly played by Lou Jacobi, arrives—late, as usual—for the extended Krichinsky family’s annual Thanksgiving dinner.
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Does Klal Yisrael Work Both Ways? Stephen G. Donshik, eJewish Philanthropy. When European or Israeli Jews are in crisis, American Jews send money.  So where is the aid from Israeli and European Jews for the Jewish victims of Hurricane Sandy?
Copland's America Stephen Brown, Times Literary Supplement. Unlike other musical chroniclers of the American West, the Jewish composer Aaron Copland was not of pioneering stock.  But it was Copland who came to define the Western sound.
Libya Murders, One: What They Meant Christa Case Bryant, Christian Science Monitor. Were the riots in Libya and Egypt a spontaneous expression of popular rage at a video’s contemptuous insult to sincere religious beliefs?  Not bloody likely. 
Libya Murders, Two: What They Said , New York Times. U.S. Embassy in Egypt condemns efforts to “hurt the religious feelings of Muslims.”  Mob murders U.S. Ambassador to Libya.  Embassy says its statement “still stands.”  Administration begins walking it back.