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Religion and State in Israel Religion and State in Israel
Wednesday, July 3, 2013 by Moshe Koppel | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

I want to make an argument for limiting the role of the Israeli state in maintaining Jewish institutions. I do so, however, as one who wishes to see an expansion of the influence of traditional Judaism in the Israeli public square. Read in full on Mosaic.
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Kashrut in America Timothy D. Lytton, Jewish Review of Books. In 1986, a jar of herring in vinegar brought America's government-backed kosher regulation to its knees—and heralded the rise of the private kosher certification agency. 
Breaking the Kashrut Cartel , Jerusalem Post. Israeli law gives the Chief Rabbinate a monopoly on kosher certification.  The predictable results are complacency and corruption.  But now a group of restaurateurs is fighting back.