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Anti-Semitism and Man at Yale Anti-Semitism and Man at Yale
Tuesday, May 21, 2013 by Alex Joffe | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

Continuing our retrospective, we revisit Alex Joffe's critique of the unwillingness of Western universities to confront contemporary anti-Semitism, first published June 13, 2011. 
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On a Mission to Save Kaifeng Anson Laynter, Algemeiner. After centuries of decline, Kaifeng’s Jewish community has been rejuvenated by an American Christian philanthropist.  Is he a benefactor—or a missionary?
Putting a Price on Philanthropy Daniel Pipes, Philanthropy Daily. As university faculties become increasingly hostile to Israel, Jewish philanthropists who want to give Zionism a voice on campus need a better strategy.  Here is one idea.
The Price of Philanthropy Hagit Peleg-Rotem, Globes. By funding national institutions through philanthropic donations, Israel gains gleaming new facilities at no cost to the public purse—but at the expense of public control.
Philanthropist I and Philanthropist II Michael S. Berger, eJewish Philanthropy. While American Jewish philanthropists tend to create new institutions from scratch, the Jewish community also needs people to maintain what we already have. 
The Endangered “New York Jew” Jack Wertheimer, Commentary. If one insists on indulging in the dubious exercise of identifying types of Jews who are “undeserving,” it behooves us to ask who, in fact, is most worthy of communal support: those who are failing to raise and nurture a successor generation of Jews or those who are producing and educating enough Jewish children to make up for the indifference of the rest? 
The Visionary Joshua Runyan, Tamar Runyan, The true scope of businessman and philanthropist Sami Rohr’s charity is still not fully known, and perhaps may never be.