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Fresh-Baked Matzah and the Spirit of Capitalism Fresh-Baked Matzah and the Spirit of Capitalism
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 by Yoel Finkelman | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

Small-scale matzah bakeries in Israel are enabling people to fulfil the mitzvah of baking matzah—and strengthening communities.
Editors' Picks
X-Rated Haggadah Dan Rabinowitz, Seforim. The Prague 1526 edition of the Haggadah is "one of the most important illustrated Haggadot ever published."  But recent reprints have altered the artwork—for modesty's sake.
Why Is This Haggadah Different from . . . ? David Stern, Jewish Review of Books. As a retelling of the Exodus, the Kaifeng haggadah is no different from any other.  But this haggadah has another story to tell—about the Jews of Qing China.
Misreading Passover David Hartman, Hartman Institute. "I dreamed that when the calendar turned to Passover, the dominant discussions in the culture would be about subjugation, alienation, and human dignity.  But what do we talk about instead?  Recipes."
Locust Cheeseburgers Natan Slifkin, Times of Israel. As Pesach approaches, Egypt is once again beset by a plague of locusts.  But if they descend upon Israel, they might end up on at least one man's menu.
Why Are We Still Fasting? Daniel Pinner, Arutz Sheva. Both Purim and Pesach celebrate the deliverance of the Jewish people.  But the fast preceding each festival reminds us that "to achieve redemption, we first have to go through a measure of suffering."