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Crisis in the Curriculum Crisis in the Curriculum
Monday, October 22, 2012 by Yoel Finkelman | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

In 1953, in a bold move, Israel passed a State Education Law.  Before then, Israeli education was run by political movements and parties which used their schools not just to teach the three R's but to indoctrinate as many unsuspecting youngsters as possible.
Editors' Picks
Likud: the New Labor? Avi Shushan, Ynet. Likud once distinguished itself from Labor by paying some attention to Sephardic Jews.  But to judge by the current candidates, “today’s Likud is identical to the party it once loathed.”
Displaced Jews , Jerusalem Post. Israel has balked at raising the topic of Jewish refugees. But only when the Arab nations acknowledge the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees will peace be attainable.