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Israel Museum

The Aleppo Codex and the Ownership of Tradition The Aleppo Codex and the Ownership of Tradition
Wednesday, September 12, 2012 by Alex Joffe | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

The Torah belongs to all Jews and, indeed, to anyone who cares to learn and live its ways. But it is not transparent.
Editors' Picks
Learning from Herod Shmuel Browns, Popular Archaeology. King Herod’s legacy is problematic, but his standing as a master builder is not.  The current Israel Museum exhibit on his architecture and artifacts would have made Herod himself proud.
Rehabilitating Herod Jessica Steinberg, Times of Israel. "He’s notoriously known as the bad guy," says the curator of the Israel Museum's vast new exhibit on King Herod.  "But this man was a riddle."
Angels in the Architecture Elin Schoen Brockman, Tablet. Rabbis have tried to enforce the biblical prohibition on graven images.  But, as a new exhibit at the Israel Museum shows, that hasn’t kept Jewish artists from being fascinated by angels.