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Terror Out of Zion Terror Out of Zion
Tuesday, December 6, 2011 by Elliot Jager | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

There is no love lost between the British Foreign Office and Israel. In a report to parliament last month, Foreign Minister William Hague condemned Israel for building in Jerusalem, being in the West Bank, and treating the present Gaza regime like the enemy it is.
Who’s Against a Two-State Solution? Who’s Against a Two-State Solution?
Tuesday, July 20, 2010 by Efraim Karsh | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

"Two states, living side by side in peace and security." This, in the words of President Barack Obama, is the solution to the century-long conflict between Jews and Palestinian Arabs in the Middle East. Washington is fully and determinedly on board. So are the Europeans. The UN and the "international community" vociferously agree. Successive governments of the state of Israel have shown their support for the idea. So far, there is—just as there has always been—only one holdout.
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Editors' Picks
The Story of Iron Dome Charles Levinson, Adam Entous, Wall Street Journal. It was opposed by the top brass and dismissed by American officials; but in seven years, Iron Dome went from a pipe dream to Israel's greatest defensive asset.
Who Won the War? Elliott Abrams, Weekly Standard. Both Hamas and Israel gained from last week's war in Gaza.  But the real winner was Egypt, and the real loser was the PLO.
Why Was There War in Gaza? Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post. Israel has once again succeeded in defending itself. But with Hamas’s new rocketry and new Arab Spring allies, the next round will follow, as night follows day.
Exit Left Josef Olmert, Times of Israel. Despite the conflict in Gaza, the West Bank has remained quiet—in part thanks to the PA. Does this mean that once the dust settles, Netanyahu will be expected to make concessions to Abbas? 
By the Book Yonah Jeremy Bob, Jerusalem Post. Recognizing the constraints of international law, it is now common practice for the IDF to ensure that its lawyers scrutinize almost every strike in Gaza before it is carried out. 
If You Want Peace, Prepare for War Dan Margalit, Israel Hayom. A ceasefire with Hamas is only possible when the IDF makes the threat of escalation crystal clear.
Meet the New Boss Gary C. Gambill, National Post. As Israel’s neighbors react to the Israeli-Palestinian hostilities, Israel will get its first clear sense of whether the Arab Spring has yielded more hostile regimes, or just more of the same.
Twitter Wars Michael Koplow, Foreign Policy. Acutely aware of her past wartime PR failures, Israel is waging an online battle to rival her military campaign in Gaza. But are videos of airstrikes the best way to court global public opinion?
Operation Pillar of Defense: the Live Blog , Times of Israel. Israel scored an early victory, eliminating eliminated Ahmed Jabari and most of Hamas' medium-range rockets.  But Hamas won't give up without a prize of its own.
Israel Targets Hamas Ilan Ben Zion, Elie Leshem, Times of Israel. Responding to rocket attacks from Gaza, Israel has now assassinated the head of Hamas’s military wing.  “And this,” says an IDF spokesman, “isn’t the end of it.”