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Final Solution

From Reparations to Atonement From Reparations to Atonement
Monday, January 28, 2013 by Ismar Schorsch | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

Where recognition of the Holocaust was once restricted to the office of the Chancellor, there is a grassroots commitment in today's Germany to take ownership of the past.
Editors' Picks
Preconditions to Murder Timothy Snyder, New York Review of Books. It is no accident that the Final Solution took place in territory where first the Soviets had destroyed independent states, then the Germans had destroyed Soviet institutions.
Romania’s Final Solution Michael Gesin, H-Net. Romania’s wartime leaders were so enamored of Nazi Germany that they developed their own Final Solution. So, why did half of Romania’s Jews manage to survive?  
France’s Jewish Archbishop Robert Zaretsky, Forward. The chief rabbi of Paris declared that “One cannot be both a Christian and a Jew.”  But Jean-Marie (Aron) Lustiger never surrendered his double identity.