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Christopher Hitchens’s Jewish Problem Christopher Hitchens’s Jewish Problem
Tuesday, May 28, 2013 by Benjamin Kerstein | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

In another highlight from our archives, Benjamin Kerstein inquires into a revered writer's virulent hostility toward Judaism (December 13, 2010).
Renaissance Men Renaissance Men
Monday, November 5, 2012 by Adina M. Yoffie | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

Hugo Grotius. Isaac Abravanel. Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik.  These are not names normally mentioned in the same breath, but taken together, their experiences with and thoughts regarding interfaith encounters are instructive.
Editors' Picks
Hamas Rampant Costanza Spocci, Eleanora Vio, Atlantic. A new law forbidding coed schools marks the latest victory in the terrorist organization’s campaign to impose its writ on all of Gaza’s institutions.
Gaza's Modesty Police Phoebe Greenwood, Telegraph. "They beat me for at least five minutes.  I was crying and screaming with agony.  I found out from neighbors when I got home that it was because of my hair."
"The Myth of Mental Illness" Holly Case, Aeon. Jewish psychiatrist Thomas Szasz denounced his field as "a threat to civil liberties" and stated that "Freud and the psychoanalysts" had replaced "the totalitarian leader and his apologists."
Facing Hungary’s Demons Thomas Ország-Land, Jewish Chronicle. Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán has "foolishly released the long suppressed, xenophobic hatreds festering in Hungary’s collective consciousness.  Those demons are likely to destroy him and capture his people."
Defeat Hamas. There, I Said It. Andrew Roberts, Tablet. Despite Iron Dome’s success, says Roberts, U.S. commentators have, wrongly, “embraced the assumption that there is simply no way to prevail politically or militarily over Hamas.”
Communist Colluders Anne Applebaum, Jewish Chronicle. After World War II, East European Communist parties sought to burnish their image as nationalist patriots.  How did they do it?  Anti-Semitism, of course.