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European Union

You Only Live Twice You Only Live Twice
Tuesday, August 6, 2013 by Michel Gurfinkiel | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

European Judaism looks healthy, and secure. And yet, the majority of European Jews, seconded by many Jewish and non-Jewish experts, insist that catastrophe may lie ahead. Read in full on Mosaic. 
Lambs to the Slaughter Lambs to the Slaughter
Wednesday, August 22, 2012 by Ben Cohen | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

Last week, the normally cautious Jewish community of Amsterdam took the unusual step of describing a member of the Dutch parliament as a "serious danger to Jews in the Netherlands and consequently Europe as a whole."
Editors' Picks
How Not to Deal with Hizballah Matthew Levitt, Atlantic. Argentina's failure to respond to Hizballah's 1992 bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires emboldened the group to attack Argentine Jews 2 years later.  The E.U. should take note.
Obama Goes to Israel, Finally Elliott Abrams, Weekly Standard. It is a good thing that President Obama is planning his first visit to Israel.  But will he arrive with a European peace plan aimed at forcing Israeli concessions?
J'Accuse! Lee Smith, Weekly Standard. Despite pressure from France and Germany, Bulgaria has blamed Hizballah for the July 2012 bombing that killed 5 Israelis—and made the E.U.'s refusal to blacklist Hizballah untenable.
There’s Occupied and There’s Occupied Dore Gold, Israel Hayom. Northern Cyprus, conquered by Turkey and ethnically cleansed of Greek Cypriots, is clearly “occupied territory.”  But Europeans, far from boycotting it, are buying homes there in droves.
The EU’s Israel Problem Daniel Hannan, Jewish Chronicle. “The reason most Euro-enthusiasts resent Israel is that it is the supreme embodiment of the national principle—that is, of the desire of every people to form their own state.”
Hizballah’s Holiday Home Nicholas Kulish, New York Times. Europe has cultivated a tacit détente with Hizballah, whereby if Hizballah does not stage attacks, European governments do not interfere with its fundraising and organizational work.
The Jew of Jobbik Pablo Gorondi, Associated Press. Hungary’s far-Right Jobbik party has ostracized a prominent anti-Semitic political figure after discovering his Jewish roots—and Chabad has taken him in.