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Moravian Morals for Montreal Moravian Morals for Montreal
Friday, August 31, 2012 by Allan Nadler | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

When Montreal police entered the home of Amir Khadir, a member of Quebec’s parliament, they found a curiously revealing objet d’art: a parody of Eugène Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People, with Khadir, in the position of Lady Liberty, standing triumphantly over the corpse of Quebec premier Jean Charest.
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In Hemingway's Shadow Heather McRobie, Times Literary Supplement. Although recently overshadowed by her husband, Ernest Hemingway, Martha Gellhorn was an esteemed writer in her own right—and an important Holocaust novelist.
The Other Kindertransport Sarah Wildman, Forward. We know about the thousands of Jewish children sheltered in wartime Britain.  For 75 years, though, no one knew about the smaller group ferried to Denmark, Sweden, and Palestine.
A Brutal Peace Tara Zahra, Nation. The postwar expulsion of German speakers from Czechoslovakia formed one more chapter in the story of Europe’s incapacity to reconcile the claims of democracy and nationalism.
Survival in Buchenwald Brad Rothschild, Times of Israel. When the SS came looking for Jews on Kinderblock 66, Antonin Kalina told them there were no more.  (He had listed them as Christians . . .)