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Chuck Hagel

AIPAC and the Secret Worlds of Peoplehood AIPAC and the Secret Worlds of Peoplehood
Tuesday, March 12, 2013 by Alex Joffe | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

No cause, force or organization, brings Americans, primarily Jews but also Christians, together like the cause of Israel as managed by AIPAC.
Editors' Picks
What Israel Lobby? Lee Smith, Tablet. "Just how powerful is AIPAC if a man who refers to it as the 'Jewish lobby' and has defiantly claimed that he is not an 'Israeli senator' is slated to be our next Secretary of Defense?"
How Ike Screwed Up Suez Michael Doran, Washington Post. Defense Department nominee Chuck Hagel says he admires President Eisenhower’s handling of the Suez crisis.  But Eisenhower looked back on Suez as his biggest foreign policy mistake.
Asking Hagel the Real Questions Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg. Chuck Hagel seems to believe that without the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Middle East would be a "placid lake"—a view "utterly discredited by events."
Israel’s Lobby: The American People Meir Soloveichik, Weekly Standard. There are millions of Americans who “have no idea what the word 'kishkes' means, but whose concern for the state of Israel is bone-deep."
Round Two Shai Feldman, National Interest. As prime minister for a second term, Netanyahu will claim a stronger mandate to strike Iran’s nuclear program.  But President Obama looks set to use his second term to prevent an Israeli attack.
Hagel: The View From Nebraska Elliott Abrams, Weekly Standard. Activists and officials have called Hagel hostile to Jews in his home state of Nebraska.  No one among his supporters has come forward to dispute the allegation.
Chuck Hagel's Jewish Problem Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal. Former Republican senator Chuck Hagel has encouraged talks with Hamas and Iran and is on record condemning the "Jewish lobby."  Now, he is a front-runner to become Defense Secretary.