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Chief Rabbi

Why America Has No Chief Rabbi Why America Has No Chief Rabbi
Wednesday, January 23, 2013 by Jonathan D. Sarna | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

Just as America introduced free-market capitalism into the economy, so it created a free market in religion.
The Chief Rabbi of Canterbury The Chief Rabbi of Canterbury
Monday, December 24, 2012 by Simon Gordon | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

With his public defense of religion, the outgoing Chief Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks, has fulfilled an important role within British society—just not the one he was appointed to perform. 
The Queen’s Jewry The Queen’s Jewry
Monday, July 23, 2012 by Ben Elton | Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features

In the history of the British monarchy, there have been only two Diamond Jubilees.  Last month, Elizabeth II celebrated sixty years on the throne. In 1897 Queen Victoria marked the same milestone. To mark Victoria’s Jubilee the communal leader Lucien Wolf published an article that set out the progress that Jews had made during Victoria’s reign.
Editors' Picks
Thatcher's Other Special Relationship Shimon Cohen, Jewish Chronicle. A confidant and adviser throughout her time in office, Margaret Thatcher said of Chief Rabbi Immanuel Jakobovits: "He was my friend—I relied on him and miss him so."
A Safe Pair of Hands Jeremy Rosen, Algemeiner. Ephraim Mirvis is a good pastoral leader.  But his appointment as Chief Rabbi in the U.K. testifies to the unwillingness of Britain's centrist Orthodoxy to challenge Haredi authority.
Huis Clos Michel Gurfinkiel, PJ Media. Far from bringing anti-Semitism to a halt, France has witnessed an upsurge in attacks on Jews since the Toulouse massacre.
Britain’s Other Chief Rabbi Gideon Sylvester, Jewish Chronicle. As the spiritual leader of Britain’s Sephardi community, Rabbi Dr. Abraham Levy has championed a tolerant Orthodoxy and brought Anglo-Jewry’s competing factions closer together.
France’s Jewish Archbishop Robert Zaretsky, Forward. The chief rabbi of Paris declared that “One cannot be both a Christian and a Jew.”  But Jean-Marie (Aron) Lustiger never surrendered his double identity.