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Talmud Blog

Evil Urge Amit Gevaryahu 12/05/2011
Stitched Shai Secunda 03/21/2012
Protestant Mishnah Amit Gevaryahu 07/29/2011
Evil Urge Amit Gevaryahu 10/17/2011
Physician, Explain Thyself Michael L. Satlow 10/26/2011
What's in a (Jewish) Name? Shai Secunda 11/02/2011
Three Talmudists Confront the Evil Urge Shai Secunda, Amit Gevaryahu, Eva Kiesele, Raphael Magarik 01/04/2012
Totem and Taboo Ron Naiweld 02/29/2012
The Afghani Genizah Shai Secunda 05/03/2012
“Thou whoreson, obscene, greasy tallow-catch . . .” Amit Gevaryahu 05/16/2012
The Macaronic Talmud Yair Furstenberg 06/04/2012
Indexing the Talmud Yitz Landes 06/26/2012
Reading the Talmud in Tehran 08/01/2012
Talmud in Tehran 08/16/2012
More Digitalmud Shai Secunda, Elli Fischer 09/14/2012
Finding Books Within Books Yitz Landes 01/02/2013
Revisionist Rabbis Yitz Landes 01/25/2013

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