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New Yorker

Lenny Hearts Eunice Gary Shteyngart 08/10/2010
Going Home Leonard Cohen 03/09/2012
Rootless Cosmopolitan Louis Menand 12/21/2009
Haim Saban Connie Bruck 05/04/2010
Nora Knows What to Do Ariel Levy 06/27/2012
Job the Trotskyist Isaac Bashevis Singer 08/15/2012
An Audience with Ahmadinejad David Remnick 09/27/2012
Fearing the Flood Avi Steinberg 11/07/2012
Waiting for God to Call Steven Millhauser 01/24/2013
Zuckerman Abridged Max Ross 03/21/2013
Why Is Manischewitz Matzah Like the iPhone? Daniel Fromson 03/29/2013
“The Feminist Time Forgot” Susan Faludi 04/10/2013
Diary of the Hitler Diary Hoax Sally McGrane 04/29/2013
“Hitler's Reign of Terror” Emily Greenhouse 05/23/2013
"I Was a Nazi, and Here's Why" Helen Epstein 05/31/2013

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