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New Criterion

Ethics for Sports Fans James Bowman 04/05/2012
Aligned with Liberty Sol Stern 09/01/2010
The Mind of Trilling Gertrude Himmelfarb 10/04/2011
Helen Frankenthaler James Panero 12/29/2011
The Betrayal of Liberalism Hilton Kramer 03/28/2012
Prayers and Poems David Yezzi 04/12/2012
A Serious Man Joseph Epstein 05/15/2012
Whither Judaic Studies Departments? Bruce Kesler 06/22/2012
Math and Anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union Edward Frenkel 10/04/2012
Strindberg’s Inferno Brooke Allen 10/25/2012
The Godless Delusion Neilson MacKay 02/19/2013

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