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Surrendering to Rome Jeffrey Spitzer 01/11/2010
The Religion of Labor Matt Plen 01/27/2010
How to Form a Hevra Kadisha Abner Weiss 02/19/2010
String around the City Sharonne Cohen 03/12/2010
Rabbi and Theologian Matt Plen 04/12/2010
The Religious Significance of Community Tsuriel Admanit 04/15/2010
A Tale of Two Talmuds Jill Jacobs 07/16/2010
Theology and Themes 10/17/2011
Counting the Ten Commandments Ronald Isaacs 05/29/2012
What Judith Did Erica Brown 12/14/2009
Homosexuality and Halakhah Michael Gold 05/11/2012

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