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Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

The Future of Israel's Capital Nadav Shragai 03/16/2010
The Trap of Evenhandedness Saul Singer 03/24/2010
The Case for Electoral Reform Daniel J. Elazar 07/08/2010
All or Nothing Joshua Teitelbaum 07/12/2010
Peacekeeping in a Future Palestinian-Israel Accord Justus Reid Weiner, Avinoam Sharon, Michelle Morrison 07/15/2010
The Presbyterian Church and Israel Dexter Van Zile 07/29/2010
Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism in Sweden Manfred Gerstenfeld 12/21/2010
Al-Jazeera's Agenda Pinhas Inbari 02/08/2011
Academics against Israel and the Jews Manfred Gerstenfeld 03/02/2011
Israel's Critical Security Needs 03/15/2011
American Orthodoxy Turns Right Chaim I. Waxman 05/27/2011
Real International Law Justus Reid Weiner, Avi Bell 06/01/2011
The Effect of Unequal Exchanges Justus Reid Weiner, Diane Morrison 06/10/2011
Two-Way Street Dore Gold 06/14/2011
A Sephardi Zionist in Wonderland Daniel J. Elazar 07/22/2011
Real Arab Democracy David Govrin 07/26/2011
Libyastan? Jacques Neriah 08/31/2011
The Future of Israel's Capital Nadav Shragai 09/16/2011
Arms for the King Joshua Teitelbaum 10/11/2011
Churchill and the Jews Daniel Mandel 11/03/2011
An Overwhelmingly Jewish State Martin Gilbert 11/21/2011
The Urgent Need for a Permanent Bridge Nadav Shragai 01/03/2012
Going Legit? Jonathan D. Halevi 01/11/2012
Arab Majorities, Arab Minorities Zvi Mazel 01/20/2012
The Global March to Jerusalem Ehud Rosen 03/22/2012
American Orthodoxy Turns Right Chaim I. Waxman 05/15/2012
Neither Hitler's Pope nor a Righteous Gentile Robert S. Wistrich 06/18/2012
What Does the European Union Want? Dore Gold 12/11/2009
What 1967 Borders? Alan Baker 12/30/2010
Shock and Law Ruth Lapidoth 07/20/2010
Seeing Iran Plain Harold Rhode 09/16/2010
In Its Own Words Jonathan D. Halevi 02/07/2011
Behind the Flotilla Ehud Rosen 07/01/2011
Is Hizballah in Trouble? Shimon Shapira 08/02/2011
A Missing Link Rivkah Fishman-Duker 08/16/2011
What do Palestinians Really Want? David Pollock 09/12/2011
The Refugee Question Ruth Lapidoth 05/17/2012
Facts on the Ground Nadav Shragai 12/05/2012
Not So Fast Alan Baker 12/10/2012
The Enemy of My Enemy Jonathan D. Halevi 12/20/2012
Good Mullah, Bad Mullah Michael Segall 01/30/2013
Arafat's Intifada Jonathan D. Halevi 02/26/2013
Hitting the Gas David Wurmser 04/10/2013
The Elephant in the Mosque Jonathan D. Halevi 04/12/2013
Going Nuclear Michael Segall 05/02/2013

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