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Israel Hayom

Returning to God Haim Shine 02/09/2012
Hitting Bedrock Nadav Shragai 09/06/2011
Sabra-Rattling Haim Shine 02/01/2012
Paupers' Cemetery Nadav Shragai 02/21/2012
Altarcation Dror Eydar 04/16/2012
Masonic Rites in the Holy Land Nadav Shragai 05/18/2012
Casus Belli? Yoav Limor 07/20/2012
A Giant Dies Yehuda Shlezinger 07/24/2012
Spymaster Yossi Beilin 07/24/2012
Skeletons and Scandals Nadav Shragai 08/06/2012
Spy vs. Spy Daniel Pipes 08/09/2012
Israel’s New Academic Diversity Dror Eydar 08/10/2012
Directionless Diaspora Isi Leibler 08/17/2012
Poet of the Palmach Sigal Arbitman, Eran Swissa, Yehuda Shlezinger 09/20/2012
Israel's Shifting Demographics Yoram Ettinger 10/22/2012
A New War in Gaza? Gadi Golan, Shlomo Cesana, Daniel Siryoti, Lilach Shoval, Itzik Saban 11/13/2012
If You Want Peace, Prepare for War Dan Margalit 11/19/2012
Israel's Fallen Warrior Dan Margalit 12/21/2012
Jerusalem Rebuilt Nadav Shragai 12/26/2012
Lieberman On Trial Dan Margalit 12/28/2012
There’s Occupied and There’s Occupied Dore Gold 01/08/2013
Israel’s Election: Finally, Free Markets? Uriel Lynn 01/28/2013
Americans for Israel Yoram Ettinger 03/19/2013
Defying the Demographers Yoram Ettinger 04/10/2013
The Price of Freedom Eli Ben Shem 04/15/2013
65 Years On Isi Leibler 04/16/2013
Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory David M. Weinberg 04/29/2013
Israel's New Rules Eyal Zisser 05/07/2013
Israel's Strongest Union Yoav Limor 05/17/2013
Bordering on Collapse Dore Gold 05/29/2013

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