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Hassan Nasrallah, Manipulator Hussain Abdul-Hussain 08/03/2010
Don't Count Obama Out Steven L. Spiegel 11/16/2010
The Cost of Jewish Studies Jacob Neusner 12/29/2010
Should Israel Welcome Beck's Support? Alan M. Dershowitz 08/26/2011
Red Cross Recovers Marie Colvin's Body 03/12/2012
Between Israel and Azerbaijan Jason Katz 03/23/2010
The Last Jews of Beirut Josie Ensor 12/15/2009
Two Righteous Women Lynn Grossman 01/15/2010
If Israel Killed al-Mabhouh, Did it Have the Right? Alan M. Dershowitz 02/19/2010
The Anti-Semitism to Come Bernard-Henri Lévy 12/06/2010
Silent Majorities Hani Hazaimeh 03/26/2010
Obama, the Middle East, and Systems Analysis Eric K. Clemons, Elizabeth T. Gray 04/22/2010
Why I Defend Israel Bernard-Henri Lévy 06/08/2010
Iran and the U.S.: Who's Containing Whom? Marc Ginsberg 06/22/2010
Progressive? Then Don't Boycott Israel Ben S. Cohen 06/28/2010
Just One Word: Plastics David Dagan 07/16/2010
When I Am Laid in Earth Eric Yoffie 07/22/2010
Fighting Irish Ben S. Cohen 08/24/2010
Buyer's Remorse? Edward Klein, Richard Z. Chesnoff 10/06/2010
Absent without Leave Scott Perlo 02/01/2011
Blinded by Israel Alan M. Dershowitz 02/04/2011
KDate Shira Hirschman Weiss 02/04/2011
Out of Oslo Sigurd Neubauer 02/08/2011
The Pagan Rabbi Alan Lurie 02/09/2011
From the Rock Jim Lauria 03/02/2011
Facts on the Ground José Ramos-Horta 03/10/2011
Three Religions, One God? Jacob Neusner 03/29/2011
A Palestinian Munich Bernard-Henri Lévy 05/13/2011
Imagine Andrew Pessin 06/10/2011
Right of Reply Joseph J. Siev 08/22/2011
Showdown, Moses Alon Ben-Meir 09/21/2011
Brave New World Mary J. Loftus 09/27/2011
The Army's Private Sector David Isenberg 12/12/2011
Confessions of a Pinkwasher Yoav Sivan 12/20/2011
Lost Synagogues of Europe Andrea Strongwater 01/13/2012
Religion is Divisive, Conservative . . . and Good Eric Yoffie 01/19/2012
Strange Land David Harris 01/23/2012
The Roots of Torah Rachel Kobrin 02/08/2012
Under African Skies Bernard Starr 03/15/2012
Notes on Camp Jason Miller 04/02/2012
Trailing the Magic Bullet Josh Feinberg 05/01/2012
The Frum Jesus Greg Carey 05/01/2012
Mixed Views Anav Silverman 05/04/2012
Dr. Seuss's War Andres Jauregui 06/08/2012
Food for Peace Kenneth M. Quinn 06/14/2012
The Five-and-a-Half Tribes of Israel Scott A. Shay 07/05/2012
The Forgotten Refugees Ron Prosor 07/10/2012
A Future for Jews in Europe? Jonathan Sacks 07/13/2012
The Case Against Netanyahu M.J. Rosenberg 09/14/2012
Jesus Married? No Surprise Bernard Starr 09/25/2012
Roots Richard Elliott Friedman 10/15/2012
People of the Book, Power of the Tongue Debra Rubin 11/06/2012
Choosing Life Tamara Mann 11/07/2012
Interfaith Abraham? Jon D. Levenson 11/15/2012
UN-happy Anniversary David Harris 11/28/2012
Swords Into Plowshares Jonathan Greenstein 12/14/2012
A Time for Torture? Michael J. Broyde, Jacob L. Wright 02/07/2013
Purim and Presidents Day Aaron Zelinsky 02/22/2013
The Indignity of Dependence Jonathan Sacks 04/25/2013
Rage against the Rebbe Baruch Sterman 05/10/2013

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