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Pacific Coast Byways Deborah Dash Moore 09/02/2011
Antioch Divide Adele Reinhartz 06/22/2010
Identity Formation Michael A. Meyer 07/09/2010
Inventing the Israelite Lisa Moses Leff 08/04/2010
Is Diss a System? David Spencer 09/02/2010
Educate and Innovate Melissa Klapper 10/26/2010
The Faith of Women Richard Sarason 03/21/2011
Sound Tracks Haim O. Rechnitzer 12/15/2011
Pacific Coast Byways Deborah Dash Moore 03/16/2011
Witness to History Martin H. Kley 03/17/2011
The Taubes File Nitzan Lebovic 03/25/2011
Master Narratives Moshe Rosman 04/06/2011
Eretz Poland Gerben Zaagsma 05/09/2011
From Babel to Babylon Gwendolyn Leick 06/14/2011
Studying the Dead Sea Scrolls Jean Duhaime 07/06/2011
The Agony of Greek Jews Aristotle Kallis 07/19/2011
Next Year in Worms Michael Brenner 07/29/2011
Out of Hungary Guy Miron 08/02/2011
The Odessa Myth Alexander Peter d'Erizans 08/10/2011
The Chabad Look Michal Kravel-Tovi 08/24/2011
Meet the American Shul Emily Katz 09/15/2011
Confusing the Nazis Steven Beller 09/26/2011
In and Out of the Ghetto Roni Weinstein 09/28/2011
Mozart for Nazis? Pamela Potter 10/19/2011
Canon Fodder Itay Zutra 11/08/2011
Russian Renaissance Marat Grinberg 11/08/2011
To Be a Montefiore Mitchell Silver 11/15/2011
Narrating the Law Dvora E. Weisberg 11/16/2011
The Hasidic Imagination Alan Brill 12/01/2011
The Riddle of the Mufti Norman Goda 12/05/2011
Best Loved, Least Known Menachem Kellner 12/08/2011
Transforming Paradise Lorenzo DiTommaso 12/13/2011
Geoffrey Hartman's Jewish Turn Andrew Bush 12/19/2011
The Oxford Handbook of Holocaust Studies Thomas Kühne 12/21/2011
Maple Leaf and Olive Branch Harold Waller 01/25/2012
Restrictions on the Reformation Dean Phillip Bell 01/31/2012
Pop! Goes the Patriarchy Yoel Finkelman 04/25/2012
Sorrow in the Talmud Marc Bregman 05/04/2012
The Benefactors of Breslau Malgorzata Stolarska-Fronia 06/11/2012
Flow of History Harold Brodsky 06/14/2012
Return to Vienna Lisa Silverman 06/19/2012
A People of One Book Walter Arnstein 06/21/2012
The Forgotten Firebrand Sue Vice 08/17/2012
The 12th-Century Age of Aquarius Maud Kozodoy 08/24/2012
Mornings at the Stanton Street Shul Emily Katz 09/11/2012
Romania’s Final Solution Michael Gesin 09/21/2012
The Next Generation Dana Evan Kaplan 02/08/2013
Rashi the Preacher Martin Lockshin 03/29/2013
Ordinary Jews Michael Berkowitz 05/03/2013
Eichmann's Jews Anton Pelinka 05/13/2013

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