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Daily Beast

Eternal Life Lisa Miller 04/25/2012
Hypocrites, Inc. Andrew Roberts 06/03/2010
When MI6 Blew Up Refugee Ships Andrew Roberts 09/21/2010
The Flotilla: Israel Was Right Leslie H. Gelb 06/01/2010
September Smash-Up Dan Senor 07/08/2010
Obama's Arabia David Keyes 08/04/2010
The “L” Word Alan M. Dershowitz 08/26/2010
New Wave Outrage Richard Cohen 11/04/2010
Big Bad Wolf Sandra McElwaine 02/22/2011
Separating Church and Campaign Statements Michael Medved 09/20/2011
There is No Palestinian State Efraim Karsh 09/21/2011
Where are the Red Lines? Eli Lake 12/29/2011
Cyberwar Eli Lake 01/20/2012
Meet the “Octet” Eli Lake 03/14/2012
Forward! Seth Lipsky 05/11/2012
The Case for Deportation Micah Stein 06/28/2012
Kadima’s Prospects, and Bibi’s Yehudah Mirsky 07/19/2012
Losing the Shadow War Christopher Dickey 08/14/2012
The Razor’s Edge Dan Ephron 09/13/2012
The Real Hypocrites Natan Sharansky 11/09/2012
Israel, the Wilsonian Democracy Gil Troy 04/08/2013

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