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Who Lived in Qumran? Biblical Archaeology Society 10/06/2011
My Kingdom for a Horse! Ziony Zevit 02/27/2012
The Birth of Monarchy 06/14/2012
Joshua’s Fire Noah Wiener 08/09/2012
Under A Tax Shaye J. D. Cohen 10/19/2012
Forging Ahead Hershel Shanks 10/29/2012
David's Tomb 11/28/2012
Amaziah's Revenge Glenn J. Corbett 12/18/2012
How December 25 Became Christmas Andrew McGowan 12/25/2012
Ascending to Heaven James Tabor 01/11/2013
Painting Scripture Hershel Shanks 01/22/2013
Budget-Balancing, Roman-Style 01/30/2013
The Truth About Crucifixion Hershel Shanks 02/15/2013
Searching for Sodom 02/21/2013
When Egypt Ruled Jerusalem Noah Wiener 02/27/2013
Patriarchs on the Couch Leonard Greenspoon 03/18/2013
The Roots of Seder Night Dorothy D. Resig 03/22/2013
What Happened on the Temple Mount? Noah Wiener 05/21/2013

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